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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

An Addendum to Food/Mood Logs

There is a lady from the BB (Cranky Otter) who post 3 things that makes her happy each day. She just recommended this tactic on the BB this week to help keep your focus on the positive. The kids and I used to do this a few years ago. We had a composition notebook that we labeled our Happiness Journal. Each night before bed, we would list at least one thing that made us happy that day. I am going to have to dig that thing up. It was fun to do back then so I have decided to adopt this and add it to my Log each day. It should be interesting to see what makes me happy especially on those bad days.


Lemon Stand said...

What a perfect addition to your logs! BTW, I saw a book on Duct Tape in the humor section of Barnes and Noble and thought of you! Had me laughing at some of them that I know you would like.

DTF said...

Lemon Stand, one of my great friends gave that book to me in December. It has provided quite a few laugh out loud moments. I love it!