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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Why Do I Need to Care About This?

Yes, having someone die at 39 is indeed tragic, but why should I care that A*nna Nicole Smith was the one to pass? I can understand the entertainment TV shows like Extra, ET, etc. covering it like crazy but WHY does my local news channel have to air the story and any updates on every 1/2 hour news?

This woman was in no way a role model... not that people in the entertainment industry are or should be considered to be. But there are some who actually have talent and who do something with their riches besides blowing it on themselves and drugs. A*nna Nicole had no talent and was famous for posing for Playboy and marrying an old man. She was also a drug addict. I saw an interview with her mother where she was upset, wondering where her manager was at the time, saying that everytime A*nna Nicole had a drug overdose in the past he was there to get her to the hospital in time. WHAT?!?!? Everytime she had an overdose? If this was, in fact, due to a drug overdose, is she saying that it was his fault? And if it turns out to be something more sinister like murder, fine... investigate and solve the crime. But do NOT make this woman out to be some martyr... some great loss to the entertainment world, she was not.

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