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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Food/Mood Log - 20 FEB

Bowl of Cooked Wheat Cereal w/ 2% (wahhh! we ran out of skim and I had to resort to Jeff's)
Turkey Sandwich on whole wheat w/mayo and lettuce
Veggie chip crisps (cheese flavored)
10 kisses (coconut cream variety)
Chinese Pepper Chicken w/white rice
1 mini Crab rangoon
2 Rice Cakes (white cheddar flavored)
3 Madeline cookies (from Starbucks - 230 calories! Yikes!)

Coke - 12 ounces
Grande Non-fat Chai latte

Water - 70 ounces

Cardio (2 wts!!!)
Abs (3 wts!!!)

Mood... Good mood today... very tired this a.m. but only had about 4 hours of sleep. Worked out after lunch (cardio and abs)... feel energized! I bumped my wts up one each (Cardio is now at 2 wts and Abs is at 3)... I can honestly say that I sweat this time. That's nothing new during Cardio although it was more intense this time but I can't remember the last time that I sweat during Abs... normally it is complete relaxation for me... and it was this time too however, there was SWEAT as well. It felt good! Great, in fact. Maybe that is what my workouts needed lately was to be bumped up a bit... I have been at 2 wts for the 3 main routines since October so probably overdue.

3 Good Things...
1)Doing the nail polish "thing" with the girls... toes for me... fingers for them.
2)Talking to Laura on the phone - we had been missing each other for a couple of weeks and finally hooked up today.
3) Having it reach 40 degrees and sunny! Feels so good!

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