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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Food/Mood Log - 13 FEB

Slimfast Shake (w/skim)
Pineapple spear
2 Rice Cakes white cheddar flavored
4 Dove milk chocolate pieces
Ravioli (chicken and asiago filled)w/roasted tomato white sauce
Green Beans
5 Lorna Doone Shortbread Cookies

8 0z skim milk
8 0z hot chocolate w/ Baileys

50 ounces water

1 HR Walk
1 HR snow shoveling

Mood is finally improving. Maybe I can finally start to watch how food affects mood now. Yesterday I had a difficult day in the late afternoon... CRAVING something sweet. I walked up and down the cookie/cracker aisle of the grocery store reading the nutrition labels.... wanting desperately something sweet. I finally settled on Lorna Doone shortbread cookies and some Water Crackers. The LD cookies were actually less in calories than the Healthy Choice and the sugar-free cookies that I looked at... what's up with that? I survived the grocery store without buying anything else fattening and escaped. I wasn't agitated or grumpy during this time but the CRAVING was so strong... it was like I NEEDED something sweet at that time. Last night I was pretty mellow... not overly tired or dragging. With having the pasta for dinner, I thought maybe that would have some effect but I didn't really notice any. Will keep watch in the future since pasta is a fairly regular occurence here.

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