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Sunday, February 11, 2007

Food/Mood Log - 10 FEB

Vanilla Slimfast Shake (w/skim)
Pineapple Spear
Bowl of Crm of potato soup
Davinci Pasta (Cheesecake Factory)
Pumpernickel Bread
4 Bites of Strawberry Cheesecake

Grande Chai Latte (w/skim)
Pomegranite Margarita

Water - 70 ounces

BR Essentials -
Legs - 2 wts
Arms - 2 wts

Good day yesterday... had some quiet time to myself and spent some one on one time with K2. No bad feelings.. Not a good entry... I really need to do these the day of or at least take notes... Too bad... this wil lhave to do.


Sin said...

"come on" - just one margharita???

Janet W. said...

I'm finding capturing the right work for the mood is really not so easy! Hopefully it will get easier :)

Janet W. said...

Work -- yeah, finding the right mood WORD is work LOL!!!