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Friday, February 2, 2007

"I Just Don't Want to Embarrass Myself"

This was K2's words to us last night in preparation for her first forensics meet today. She has worked really hard but had to switch categories only 2 weeks ago so instead of having a month and a half... she has had considerably less. Her category is Demo and she is doing her speech on Fencing. She feels that she won't get a great score... one of her coaches even hinted that to her. But I think that the fact that she is doing this at all and especially with such short prep time, is awesome! I never would've done it at her age... hell, I don't know that I would do it at my age... I HATE public speaking... what can I say... I am SHY. I think that forensics will only help her as she continues on as a student and into adulthood. I wish I had half the courage at her age that she does.

K2 just wants to go out there perform her Demo and be done. She is just hoping that she doesn't completely forget her lines, or fall or faint... She is not so concerned with the score as she is with just not embarrassing herself.

All I can say to that is... sorry, sweetie, you are in this family... embarrassment is a fact of life for us. You better get used to it! LOL!

I love you, hon, and I know that you will do fantastic!

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Anonymous said...

Good luck to your kids. Tell your son I took Latin in Gr 10. It was a good course. I was also in French Immersion at the time.

The fact your girls are doing public speaking is amazing. I HATED it.

As for the weather.

Those Southerners with the closed schools and light dusting of snow... have NO Clue.

BRRRRRRRRRR..... we've had streamers off the lake off and on all day.