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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Keeping Things in Perspective...

The present is what slips by us while we're pondering the past and worrying about the future.
- Ziggy, cartoon foible

Ain't that the truth... how much time do we spend thinking about something we did yesterday or last week... did we do the right thing... would we do it differently if given the chance? Or what about worrying about tomorrow? I have a work review coming up... I wonder how I'll do... or how am I going to pay for braces? IS this you?? I know it's me... I spend so much time criticizing myself over things I did or didn't do yesterday and worrying about what I have coming up. What happened to living in the present?

Ziggy is absolutely right on this one... poor Ziggy... he gets placed in one sucky scenario after another and always manages to come out okay... If anyone knows that tomorrow will probably suck, it is definitely Ziggy yet he manages to face each day with a smile. Well, okay, he's a cartoon character, I mean really what does he really have to worry about... his creator's pen running dry? But seriously, I know I could use more humor in my life... more smiles... maybe that would help with facing each day even knowing that it was going to be a bad one.

Back when I first started doing my food/mood logging as suggested by Alden at the end of each log I would list my 3 good things. Part of this idea was stolen from someone else on the BB, but I don't think she'd mind. Somedays I was hard pressed to come up with 3 things but I usually did after some thought... it didn't have to be life changing good things... anything simple that simply made me smile that day would qualify. The funny thing is some of those things I took for granted until I actually sat back and reflected on the day itself. How many of those things would have gone forgotten if I hadn't made myself think about them? So yeah, worrying about yesterday and tomorrow while sometimes necessary shouldn't take up all our time... we need to live in the here and now and appreciate the good, no matter how small. Don't let your today slip away...

My 3 good things from today:
1. Appreciating a pretty snowy day (knowing full well it won't last long!)
2. A trip to Starbucks with K2
3. Hearing Philadelphia Freedom on the radio and remembering

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Janet W. said...

I'm taking a moment to express my gratitude for your reminder that NOW is all we have. Simple but so hard to carry out!

The latest Balogh, Simply Magic has a beautiful conversation between the h/h about time ... living in the present :)