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Monday, April 30, 2007

I Have a New Job!!!

Last Friday I spent two hours at my new place of employment... Yes, it is official! I did the meet and greet with the two people that I will be working the most with.... and was introduced to the rest of the office. Apparently they liked me because I did the paperwork that would make me an official employee.

Going into this meeting, I was still having doubts on whether or not I had made the right decision. Should I have waited to see if the library offered something? The hours would've taken me away from my kids for longer than I wanted during the summer but the money and the benefits were hard to turn down. But I have to tell you that after going into the office and spending a couple of hours, I really feel like this is the RIGHT decision. It just felt good. Cheryl, who I will be working the most with was nothing but sweet (I'm told she is always like that). And Jerry, the boss, seems like a nice guy too. He even joked (I think) about me "blowing off" my other job (I wish!) and starting there on Monday (today)...but as much as I would've loved to do it, I told him I just couldn't ... there are SOME people at the store that I do like and that would've been mean to them. However, I did tell him that I could start coming in for the afternoons beginning on Tuesday (yes, tomorrow!). I only need to sleep half a day on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday so it shouldn't be a problem (yeah, right!). So for the next two weeks I am the keeper of two jobs. I have finally escaped the store (my limit was 5 years and it's been 4.5) and the dreaded nights, weekends and holidays!

This job has so many good things about it besides the people that I will be working with. The hours... 10-2, M-F. I will be at home for my kids. Also, if work is backlogged which it sounds like it is right now... that gives me time on either side of it to help out and also get some extra hours in. I have a desk once more! And soon my own phone number and work email... I know this seems ordinary to most of you reading this but after 4.5 years of retail and 9 years of being a SAHM... it's pretty cool! Also, the ladies showed me the fitness room down in the basement. Very cool! Treadmills, elipitical machine, stair-stepper, weight circuit, exercise mat and DVD player (bodyrev anyone?). The ladies spend their lunch down there working out for 15 minutes first. Because my hours are only 10-2 I obviously don't get a lunch however, I was told if I wanted to extend my day to 10-2:30 then I could join them for their workouts. Maybe... maybe... I also have the option of going down after my shift, too. I really want to take advantage of this, especially on bad weather days and winter!

I haven't heard from the library yet... but honestly, I am hoping that they don't offer me a job. I would turn it down, of course, but I fear that I would always wonder, "Did I make the right decision?" I have a problem with the whole... what if scenarios... too much doubting myself. But I really like this new place and am so happy to have the opportunity to work there. And the weird thing... it all came about from the BB and a group of ladies who met through the internet. How cool is that!


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gingabread said...

Way to go!!!!!

Lemon Stand said...

Congratulations! I am so happy for you!!!!

janet w said...

Wowie zowie! The spring of 2007 is going to go down in the annals of your family history! Congratulations! Big time :)