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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Where Does She Come Up With This Stuff?

You would think by now that I would be used to the thoughts and ideas that K3 poses but I swear sometimes the things that come out of her mouth surprise the hell outta me. This is the child who is ultra conservative but not afraid to speak her mind definitely about something she feels strongly about. J and I often say that we may someday see her posing nekkid... no, not for Playboy but rather for a PETA ad.

The other day the kids and I were discussing the incident of the Australian surfer who freed himself from a shark. Originally, we mistakenly thought that he freed himself by stabbing the shark (we later learned that he did it by poking it in the eye). K3 wanted to know if the shark was killed... I responded that I didn't know. K1 then adds fuel to the fire by questioning if that particular shark was an endangered species. To which, K3 replies, "If it was an endangered shark and that man killed it, then he should go to jail." Ummm... sweetie? What about self-defense? It was either him or the shark? "Doesn't matter. He didn't need to kill it." At least I could tell her later how the man really got free and that the shark was probably okay from a poke to the eye.

Then after this discussion, K2 says that K3 thinks people should be paid to shoot other people. WHAT?!?!?! So I ask her what she meant or if in fact she really said this. "Yes. There are way too many people and we are killing the planet." No kidding. I then had to ask her how she would feel if someone chose to hunt her or her family. "Oh, that wouldn't be good." So she is still thinking that one through, she just knows that we can't have this many people on the planet. I am sure she will let me know when she figures it out.

I can't wait to hear what she comes up with next.


Lemon Stand said...

LOL, too funny! Great post!

Sin said...

What interesting parents these kids must have - they are obviously allowed, even encouraged to think outside the box!!!