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Sunday, January 21, 2007

Mission Accomplished!

The alarm rang at 5:20... why didn't I go to bed earlier than 1:10a.m.??? But I still made it out of bed... J wanted to know why the alarm was set... where was I going... and WHY was I doing this????

By the time we left the house, it was 6:00 a.m. and a light dusting of snow was falling... but at least the temps were not as nearly cold as they had predicted. We arrived at the store a few minutes later and at first I saw no people... then I scanned the other side of the entrance and there not to be missed was HUNTER ORANGE... one man was actually wearing his hunting gear. Oh yeah, the other fools were out in full force... well, that is if about 15 people equal full force. Next to us in line was a kid that I work with, Jeremy. We talked with him quite a bit and a few other people as well. It was actually lots of fun! Finally just after 6:30 I saw someone that I knew inside the store and told her to tell our boss to come and hand out numbers so I could go warm up. She asked how many people were outside and knowing that we had about 20 Wii's in stock... I said, "Oh about 20." Shortly after the store manager came out and passed out numbers to us... K1 had #11. Finally! Now I could get something hot to drink... our choices were McDonald's and Starbucks. Well, my record for McDonald's has been running since the second week of September (my record for being the last time that I went to McD's so I couldn't go there!)... I was hoping and praying that Starbucks was open. They were at 5:00 a.m!!!! I could've been sitting there warm and toasty and let my son stand outside... oh! if only I had known!!! With an order of Chai (for me), Cinnamon Dulce Mocha for K1 and a blueberry muffin to share we sat down by the fireplace to warm up.

I had brought a book in with me figuring I would have some great reading time... however, my son surprised the hell outta me by leaving his mp3 player in the van. We sat for an hour having some great one on one, mommy and son time. This rarely ever happens! What a wonderful morning this was turning out to be!

At 7:55 we returned to the store so he could stand in line again to get inside. It was his turn to purchase and since he had gotten games and accessories at Christmas, he didn't need to buy anything else (one person ended up spending twice the amount my son did by buying games and controllers, etc - OUCH!!).
Our morning excursion was over and it was time to go home and try this thing out.

Was it worth it? There had been a couple of numbers left at 7:55...so yeah, we didn't have to get up quite so early but if we hadn't then I would've missed a wonderful morning with my son! So yeah... it was definitely WORTH it for me... I mean, heck all it cost me was a $10 Starbucks bill.


ginger said...

Okay maybe I missed something but what in the world were you waiting on???? A new body? If so WHY didn't you tell me :((. I sooooo need a new one.

Janet W. said...

My middle son called me from college and told me about his week and said the "l" word before he got off the phone so my week just got off to a great start! Cherish those times with your son -- just talking :)

Sin said...

SUCCESS!!!! I've been wondering all day if K1 got his treasure. Congrats!!!

You do good work mom!

Echo Marvelous said...

awwwww... what a fantastic story!! that's such a great thing to do for K1... and how cool that it morphed into mom and son time too... =O)

DTF said...

Ginger... LMAO! Nope, no new body...and don't worry, if I find a place to get one I will call my sistahs to share the experience with me!

So right, Janet. K1 is still very good about giving both J and I hugs and telling us he loves us. But he turns 14 next month... I find myself wondering how long it will last.

Sin... yep, and the BEST part... I no longer have to hear him ask..."Mom, did they come in last night? Mom, can you check when you go to the mall/store/etc?" Finally a little peace! :)

Echo...yep, that special time was a surprise bonus! Loved it!

Lemon Stand said...

I LOVE those kid moments. As for the electronic gear, with 4 kids, we just can't afford it. I'm already saving up for Harry Potter because we have to buy 4 books (the kids do NOT want to share reading time on ONE book!) .... and an audio version for me. (What can I say, the kids got me hooked and when there is nothing else to talk about or when trying to find a bridge to an angry teenager... nothing works like Harry in our house!)

Great post!