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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Books, Books... Too Many Books

Lately I have had 3 books going at one time... one read aloud with one of the girls, one children's/young adult book recommended by one of the kids and one picked out by me, for me. I normally HATE reading more than one book at a time. The kids do it for school ALL the time and I never understood it. There is usually one book that they are reading as a class. Then there has to be a book that they are reading for fun and sometimes that book stays at school and that means they have to have a book at home for reading. To me that always seemed crazy! However, I am actually doing quite well with 3 books at once. Now to be honest, two of the books are usually recommended by the girls so they are not exactly War and Peace, however, they aren't Dick and Jane books either.

My girls have some great taste in reading material and are actually quite particular. In fact, K2 spent a month trying to read a book that she had picked out and made it as far as page 150 (it was almost a 400 page book). Finally, she begged me to please let her stop (it was one that I had bought for her). She said that while the whole idea of the book was interesting, she hated the way the author wrote. She had such convictions for why she disliked the author's writing so much that, of course, I let her pass on it. You see K2 wants to be an author and is currently writing a chapter book. She knows what she likes and what she doesn't.

K3 and I finished The Tale of Despereaux last week so it was then K2's turn at having my attention for a read aloud book. No problem...except that I was also reading another book myself also recommended by K2. Then K3 wanted to know why I wasn't reading one that she liked? The next book I was going to read was the second in the Silver Sequence series however K2 loaned it to her friend so I get a reprieve and get to try a book that K3 liked... Fablehaven. This book looks very interesting and a bit more dark and scary than K3 normally likes them, but she LOVED this book so I need to check it out and see what it is all about.

I love that my girls have book recommendations for me. I started reading series romance books by 7th grade and missed out on alot of good books. But now it seems like ever since the explosion of Harry Potter, children's literature has broadened and there are so many incredible books to choose from. The only problem is that my own TBR pile is not decreasing by much. Oh well... there will always be time to read and always more books... I don't think a TBR pile is meant to ever disappear.

By the way when I googled Fablehaven, I came across a YouTube movie(it follows below) that a couple of teens had put together in honor of their favorite book. I showed it to K3 and aside from saying that it was cheesy, I did see her smile a couple of times. But when I asked her what "that" was or what "this" meant, all she would say was "Read the book, Mom!" Okay, K3, I will.

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Anonymous said...

What do you mean you can read 3 books at one time??? The dh asked me that once. The answer "and how many story threads are you following on tv".

That was the end of that discussion :)

I will not admit to how many half started book I have lying around this house.....