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Saturday, January 20, 2007

What was I thinking????

After reading the following story, you will either realize just how much I love my son or else you will realize how stupid I am... or maybe it is a little bit of both.

This sumer when Nintendo announced that they were releasing the Wii, K1 researched it intently. He knew he wanted it. I had told him that we had bought one game system that worked fine and that we were not buying another. If he wanted it, he was going to have to buy it himself. From that point on, he started saving with one purpose in mind. He did jobs both for me and for his dad at the office. He saved and saved. The Wii was released in November but unfortunately it was not until December that he had enough money to comfortably buy it - that is purchase the Wii yet still have money left. Well, the Wii's were mighty poplular. We have actually had PS3's in stock at our store while anytime Wii's came in they flew out the door. K1 has been unable to find one anywhere. He even contemplated buying one from Ebay just so he could actually have it. I convinced him to wait.

This past Wednesday while unloading the truck what should come down the line but 6 boxes of Wii's. I was ecstatic!! I asked my boss if I could buy one in the morning when I left. I was already imagining K1's face when he saw what I had for him. Unfortunately they were going to be in this Sunday's ad and therefore, the Wii's that came in had to be stored away until Sunday morning. I was crushed! However, my boss said that I could come on Sunday morning and purchase one then but that I might want to come early to wait before the store opened. Did I really want to do this?

That morning I found myself telling K1 the story of how they arrived in the store and why I wasn't allowed to buy one. Then I found myself offering to take him to the store early Sunday morning if he wanted to. Of course, he jumped at the offer. So now it is Saturday night and I must set my alarm for 5:00 a.m so I can have my son at there by 6:00a.m. What was I thinking???? Well, I guess I was thinking that I loved my son and wanted to do this one small thing that would make him so very happy. It's not going to cost me anything but a litte bit of sleep... and since I have to work tomorrow night, I will take a nap in the afternoon anyway. My only fear is that we won't be there early enough... or maybe that we will be there too early... and that I could have slept another hour!! Well, we will see tomorrow... stay tuned for details.

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