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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Songs for My Life's Soundtrack

If there were a Soundtrack of your life made, what songs would be included? I have a friend in the Brigade who has this great talent for ending emails and bb posts with an identifying song (usually an obscure one that you don’t tend to think about) to match the topic or point of her post. She will simply say “Soundtrack – Flight of the Bumblebee”, etc. And then I re-read her post and I swear to God, I can hear that song in my head the whole time reading. She is usually dead on, too. After listening to quite a few songs in my head, courtesy of her, I began to think about the soundtrack of my life. What songs would I have?

I’m sure you all have them… At least one song that you hear that just touches you, or reminds you of someone or someplace or of a special day. Music does that for me. And even though I am far from musically inclined, music has always meant something special to me. In fact, a song played an important part in my first days of life. I was named after a song… CarrieAnne by The Hollies. Then there are other songs that remind me of people long gone… Jessie’s Girl by Rick Springfield always reminds me of my Grandma O. (she loved him as Noah Drake on General Hospital). And Hello, Darlin’ by Conway Twitty will always remind me of my Aunt Marion. Songs from occasions in my life… The Lady in Red makes me think of my wedding day. J wanted that to be our first dance song and I refused. The song was later played during the reception and we did dance to it. And for the birth of my children, I had a Nature cd with ocean waves and cello music playing during the birth of all three.

Then there are the songs that the words just seem like they were written for me, whether it be just a verse, the chorus or the entire song. For me, most of these songs tend to be country. Maybe it is the fact that I primarily listen to country music, but I really believe that country music is better at storytelling. And some of those stories just seem to hit home.

I have always wanted to do a scrapbook simply based on the songs for my life. But I can never seem to find the time to scrap at all. However, I am doing a lot of blogging these days. My plan is to periodically show how some of these songs that I would want included in my Soundtrack.

What about you? What songs would be played if your life were shown simply thru music?


R&R said...

Excellent post and terrific idea! She's inspired me to think of soundtracks too. What I found funny was so many songs that really touch me are on the Hotlanta & Philly Op Soundtracks, so I had a few shivery "meant to be" kind of moments listening to them for the first time. I'm so lucky to have found the Brigade!

I did a cd for Manimal when he was deployed, I'll have to bring it out to refresh my memory. Now you've inspired me and I'll blog about it tomorrow!

What did you end up having for your wedding song?

farmwifetwo said...

I ended up with an old C&W for mine. It was on the bb once... there was a thread on it. I'd have to go through his tapes to find it. The dh picked it. Was great except 2-stepping backwards was a 'no-no' even with the train bustled.

We also did a square dance at my wedding, all the square dance set did. Had a blast.

I love Frozen Ghost's Dream Come True. They played it later that evening.

I don't remember song titles and authors. But I recognize songs and sing along on the radio. It's part of that inability to memorize I have. I do play my Madonna cd and reach one song and remember my first boyfriend back when I was 14 and the school dance.... amazing :) He was sweet too :)