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Saturday, January 20, 2007

Trip to the Eye Doctor

On our trip home from J's family a few days after Christmas, we stopped to eat lunch at Subway. It was while we were sitting at a table that K3 asked about the price of her sandwich. Her dad told her to read it on the menu board. She shocked us all when she said she couldn't see the prices. With knowing looks, J and I knew she needed an appointment with an Optometrist.

Finally after two weeks, I remembered to make an appointment for an eye exam for K3. I made the call this morning and got her in for the afternoon. Her vision is not horrible however she does need some assistance for distance, so glasses it is. The doctor recommended her keeping them on in the classroom but otherwise, she does not need to wear them all the time.

After her vision test, we went out into the store to find frames. K3 was resistant at first and a few discreet tears were shed. She did NOT want glasses. I told her as she really needed them, either she picked some out or I would. K1 was there trying to help (HA! as much as a big brother can anyway.) Eventually she narrowed it down to one or two frames and since theywere having a sale of 2 for $99... I bought them both. This way she can leave one pair at school and have one for at home.

Her glasses will be ready tomorrow afternoon. I hope that K3 will let me take her picture in them... but I am not going to hold my breath on that one! She really does look good in them. I hope she can come to see that (HA! HA! pun intended!! *snort*) some day.


Anonymous said...

I was 12 and we were sitting in traffic on the 401 outside of Toronto and my bro was reading the overhead sign not very far up the road.

I couldn't see there was lettering on it.

I was quite blind for a first pair.

I'd recommend getting her into the habit of wearing them. My eyes got worse until I was about 18. They warned my Mother of this. They have just had small changes since.

This way she will know if they aren't helping any longer - tired eyes & headaches, she won't lose them, forget them or break them, and I wore mine off and on and first and honestly... it wasn't worth it.


DTF said...

I agree about getting her to wear them all the time but with this one I need to move in baby steps...let her think that it is her idea. She is a little more accepting of the news today.