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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Need to Get Back on Track

This whole fitness thing drives me crazy! One week I have a good week; the next it's very minimal. I need to find a routine but that just doesn't seem to work for me with my work schedule. Well, at least I can say I got my cardio in for today... 1.5 hours of shoveling snow should count. Especially since the snow was 3 days old and had been driven over numerous times! I had to get the ice scraper out and pry it off the driveway first. I'm not sure how much of a workout my legs got but lord knows that my arms, shoulders and abs are feeling it.

As far as my BodyRev, I love doing the legs, abs and arms routines from the Essentials DVD but I absolutely detest the cardio portion. I always feel like a bull in a china shop doing it. And while the Christmas tree was up... forget it! There was no way I could do it...lack of space and terrified that the tree was going to come falling down on me. Well, now the tree is gone (still need to put ornaments away) so I have lost that excuse! I don't know what I can do to motivate myself to do it. I have the BR Bootcamp DVD but I heard that one is an hour long. I have a hard enough time doing cardio for 15 min... I think I'd die if I had to do it for an hour. I really need to sit down and evaluate what my goal is, how I am going to acheive it, and what do I really need to do to get it done.

My friend, Janet, made a great post on the BB today about water. Another area where I am sorely lacking. Alden says that we should be drinking 10 - 10oz cups of water. I am lucky if I am doing half of that!!! I am not sure how to put more water inside of me. Today I drank a 10 oz glass before my two meals and downed a 16 oz bottle of Propel and another glass of water with dinner. But so far that is only 46 oz and I feel like I am floating. I still have tonight and work to get thru so another 40 oz will probably be consumed. But trying to do that much on days when I don't work... not sure how I am going to manage it.

One thing that I have been putting off and have finally done is took my measurements. I really should've done this when I started the whole thing 3 months ago but I let fear stop me. At least that is done and I will eventually be able to monitor my progress that way as well. I think that up to this point the pounds have literally been melting away and it's been easy so far. But after losing 30 lbs and I would assume in another 10-20 lbs the weight isn't going to change as drastically as it has been. So I am worried about how I will react when that time comes. I really need to set up a routine and start better habits (ie, water drinking) to help get me through when that happens.

My family, the DH and the kids, have all been extremely supportive of me. Last night as we curled up in bed together, J said that he had forgotten how much weight I had lost. He could "feel" the difference as he held me. That is nice to hear. I know I am in a smaller size pair of jeans but sometimes I forget and it's nice to be reminded. I know I can do this... I have to do this... but I just don't want to give up when it gets harder. Hence, the need for a "plan of action".


Sin said...

You will do it Carrie, cause you want to and you deserve to - plus your doing it for yourself - thats the right reason. It's not a race, no one's timing you, besides there's no end to this - it's for life.

With your work schedule, the K's, J's travel - your best bet for a POA might just be "flexiblity".

Now go have a glass of water!

DTF said...

LOL! Flexibility... okay, never thought that could actually be an option.

As for the water, I must be doing better because my liquid bodily waste has lost its color. :)

Janet W. said...

One more bedroom tested suggestion (moog! that's where I have my BR!!) ... turn off the Alden sound and turn up the whatever works for you ... and I know you guys have tried this but I did it for the first time tonight: I dialed down the Alden and turned up the Enya: made the time fly by ;)

But I'm with Sin: flexibility and use your fabo coach gals!!