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Monday, January 15, 2007


Last year I fell way behind in my reading... in fact, for most of the last 6 months I barely read anything. This is amazing from someone who could read 1-2 books a week. I really don't know what happened. I honestly can only remember reading a handful of books in the last 6 months of the year. And in fact, I can remember more than just a few titles that I started to read and put down... not because they weren't expected to be enjoyable just that I didn't have the time to enjoy them. And the sad thing is that I have friends, wonderful friends, who have sent me lots and lots of books... and they sit.

So this year, I have set a goal of trying to read 50 books.. that is just over 2 per month. And not only is it my goal to read that many books but I would also like to vary my reading choices. I have generally read romance, some mystery... but there are so many other good books that I am missing out on. I created a list on another website of books that I would like to read and books that I have read so far. Some of these books I already have in my possesion others I will need to find at UBS or the library. Also, added to my book reading list are books that my daughters have said, "Mom, you have to read this book!" My daughters both love reading and it only encourages them to share their love of books with me if I sometimes read their favorite books either with them or separately. So some of my TBR list contains recommendations from them.

So far for January I have read two books and am working on another. It's just a matter of making the time and telling myself that I am going to read for at least 15 minutes... which thankfully turns out to be more. I believe that at the end of each month I will do a blog entry detailing the books that I have read that month. Maybe that will help me continue on my mission.


Janet W. said...

Fascinating Carrie -- Christmas finds me almost always re-reading: needing that comfort zone of the tried and true. What books do your children want to share with you? My three children are all very different but there are a few authors all three have enjoyed and it's a kind of family glue :)

That would make such a great blog ... and I'm just emerging from my Christmas reading hibernation: I reserved 4 new books at the library yesterday!

R&R said...

Only one of my kids truly loves reading like I do. It makes me feel like a failure somehow. I did it all "right" - reading to and with them from the get-go, making it pleasurable time together, yet the other two think of reading as some form of torture. It's great your girls share with you and that you're open to their suggestions.

Reading time is well-deserved YOU time...enjoy! I'll be watching for your blogs about it. : )

DTF said...

Janet... K#3 and I are currently reading together (out loud) The Tale of Despereaux by Kate DiCamillo and K#2 wants to do the next out loud book, Kingdom Keepers. K#2 also has two books lined up for me to read... Dawn Undercover (Because I told her an idea for a story I had but was stuck on some details and she said this would be an awesome book to help me with it) and the next she wants me to read is The Silver Child, by Cliff McNish (which she says is just a GREAT book.)

R&R...we did the same with all 3 kids, but for K#1, it took him a long time to enjoy reading. And it's only come about in the last two years... he absolutely has to have a book that interests him and holds his attention. He just finished James Patterson's, Angel Experiment series. He loved these so much that he read the second one in 5 days - completely unheard of for him! Now he is reading a book called, The Black Tattoo.

I guess now I will have to keep on reading and post about it.

Anonymous said...

I don't blog mine. I leave that for the gang over on eharlquin (Dream team in my blogroll). But I do write a list for myself. And there's more than one to some pages.. I was shocked at how many new books I've read since the summer. Especially, like Janet, I often read old fav's when I need a comfort fix.


Cindy said...

How much trouble will I be in for suggesting that you add "Math for Dummies" to your TBR pile???

"50 books.. that is just over 2 per month"

So after you get through January to December - do you just number the next 13 months or have you made up names?

Janet W. said...

You know I've been puzzling over that number all day: like a mild toothache but I was too mathematically challenged and lazy to work it out :) Go Cindy! I'll borrow that book after you finish it Carrie! You wanna believe there's a good reason I married an actuary ... math is SO not my strong suit!

DTF said...

Are you calling me a dummy?

LMAO!!!! That was a test to see if any if you would catch it! Cindy, you pass with flying colors! A+ for you sister!

P.S. Just checked our library... they do have a book called, Everyday Math for Dummies... just added it to my hold list. Apparently I could use it!Damn I don't know if I can manage 4+ books per month. Guess I should revise that number!