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Friday, January 19, 2007

Let's Hear it for the Monkeys!!!

You Were Born Under:

Full of spunk, you are the original party animal.
You bring fun, activity, and stimulation to any event.
Self-control is not one of your strong points; you have been known to over indulge.
Cheerful and energetic, you can turn the most boring thing into something fun.

You are most compatible with a Rat or Dragon.


Sin said...

No goats? No pigs?

You Were Born Under: TIGER

Fierce and courageous - you are the king of every situation.
You pounce and attack, until others give you want you want.
Daring and magnetic, you inspire others to follow your lead.
And while you're wild at heart, you have some hidden soft spots.

YIKES! That doesn't sound pleasent!

Sin said...

Forgot to add . . . your's was "spot on"!!!

Echo Marvelous said...

hey cool... i'm a monkey too! =o) i love chinese horoscopes - they always seem to be more acurate than the "you're going to meet a tall man who will sweep you off your feet" ones, especially when they fail to mention that said tall man is a mugger, and he "sweeps" you off your feet by knocking you over while grabbing your purse... ok, i'm making that up, but still... =o)

DTF said...

Thanks, Sin! And while I haven't seen you pounce or attack anyone... I would definitely agree with the rest of yours!!

Echo, LMAO!!! Hope you haven't been "swept" off you feet like that! :)