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Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Trying to get back into the rhythm...

After a very dismal summer of falling off the fitness wagon, I am trying to find my way back. All summer long I had all sorts of excuses... mostly it was a lack of time. I told myself once school started again, I would be back to a schedule and it would be easy to start up again.

So starting today, I am trying to get back into a rhythm.. a groove. This morning I was up at 5:30 helping the first of the 3 kids get off to school. I told myself that I needed to keep the promise to myself. So I pulled out my Essential Abs DVD and did the Beginner segment... beginner?? how sad is that??? There were some that my legs were cramping so bad... on exercises that used to be so easy!! I'll pay for that. I had plans to do a 20 minute segment of Walk Away the Pounds but my son missed his bus this a.m. (mostly because he didn't know what time it was coming nor where his stop was) so I had to squeeze in a trip to the high school.

Idid manage to arrive at work 15 minutes early however so that means that I was able to take a 15 minute break and head down to the fitness room. Fifteen minutes on the stationary bike might not seem like much but it still felt good.

Then tonight after chasing around for last minute school supplies... oboe reeds, latin dictionary, binders and calculator (can you say $100?!?!?!)... J and I headed outside and walked. It was hot... It was wet and muggy... and the mosquitoes are out in full force! But we walked... 45 minutes. So I got some cardio in today and it feels good!

I promised myself that I wasn't going to put the weight back on... I promised myself... but this summer the scale did start to creep up a bit... nothing insurmountable... but still, I can't let that continue.

The body obeys the brain, right? Now I just need to make the brain understand that we can do this.


farmwifetwo said...


Oh yeah, that was my "new school year resolution". Can it wait until it becomes fall not 90F summer??


DTF said...

Amen to that, Farmwife!! It is sweltering right now... I got some done this a.m. but no walk tonight.

I love that fall weather!

janet w said...

You are the WOMAN! And your Body better obey your brain or I'll visit you and beat someone up! Carrie, you inspire me! Honest as always, busting through the barriers ... no WORRIES! Just put yourself in the Sarah spot and Bob's your uncle and Alden's your trainer. Am I right?

Tell me, how great is it to have the kids back at school?