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Monday, September 17, 2007

Fall and football... a new experience...

So we are not big sports fans in this house.

I have friends who can probably list the entire team roster of their football teams professional and college. I have to read their football lingo emails numerous times to figure out what the heck they are saying.

However, now that we have a child in high school we have been introduced to the high school football scene. Friday night K1 informed me an hour before kick-off and 10 minutes before we were to sit down for dinner that he was going to the game... B'East was playing Central, a famous town rivalry. He said the it was a "red out" and needed to dress in all red. The kid came out of his room in a red t-shirt and dark red shorts... not exactly a fashion plate but it was 50 degrees out! I kept asking... "Are you sure you don't want a sweatshirt? Or at least wear jeans." His reply, "It's okay, mom. I'll probably have my shirt off after awhile anyway." Well, at least he would still be colorcoded... because his chest would be red from the cold weather. K1 had a great time at the game despite a huge loss.

The main thing that will drive me to the football games this year however the marching band. While K1 has been in band since the 4th grade, this is his first year in real marching band (the middle school had 1 performance a year at the Memorial Day parade). K1 has had a renewed interest in band since school started. Hell, I have even seen him practice his instrument. I hadn't seen K1 practice in 3 years. He hated band in middle school... primarily because of the band teacher. We had begged and pleaded for him to stay with it... his dad, a former marching band brat, told him how much fun marching band and pep band would be. He listened to us... reluctantly. And look at that... his parents were actually right for once. ;)

His first performance will come at the end of the month when hopefully our football team will be back at their home field. At the end of August, the day before the first football game, some idiots took an SUV and did donuts in from one end of the field to the other. And as if this wasn't bad enough, it had rained for days beforehand so the field was wet making it easier to dig 10 inch ruts into it.

The damage was so extensive that it could not be fixed by our normal grounds crew and professionals had to be called in. It is hoped that the field will be ready for the next game set for September 28th, which just happens to be Homecoming.... seems kinda appropriate.

So even though I haven't seen any marching band performances yet, a friend sent links to her son's marching band. They are awesome and I thought I would share them. It is getting me "in the mood".

Are you ready for some football?


Tango said...

DTF ~ Were they able to find out who drove the SUV on the field? What an IDIOT!!!

Enjoy K1's debut. You'll have fun watching the kids perform during pre-game, half-time, and parades. Before too long K2 will be on the field.

And you never know...you may end up memorizing all the band kids names & instruments AND your teams football players & numbers.

Keep us posted.

DTF said...

Nope, not yet. General consensus was that it was kids from a rival school or a drunk. I was hoping that if it was kids, they wouldn't be able to keep their mouth shut and would end up bragging about it. But so far nothing.

I can't wait for the 28th... then I get to be proud mama. I showed your videos to the kids. They really enjoyed them. K1 was surprised that you were playing Linkin Park and Metallica (I think that's who he said). It sounds like theirs is more traditional.