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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Starting with the Heavy Stuff...

So I come back after being off-line for a week and start blogging with the heavy stuff. Didn't really mean to but it was just on my mind. After reading it, it's a bit disjointed but I needed to get it all out and that's just how it came. I could go back and edit or even delete but I won't. I figured I needed to put it down, not for you all to read but more for me to remember.

I need to remember.... that this was my decision... made not in anger but more from frustration and disappointment.

I need to remember... not to follow this same pattern with my own kids. That no matter how busy life is... there is always time to say "I love you" and to give a hug.

I need to remember... that I do not have to be like my mom. I can break this chain.


janet w said...

More than anything, aren't blogs for the writer? There's something so cathartic about putting down your thoughts -- like somehow writing allows you to move on and start processing and thinking and planning :)

Of course, it's very early here: I could be FOS!

Anonymous said...

I like the saying "what goes around, comes around"... life isn't all roses here either - I attempted to have a "discussion" with the dh this morning... " and yes I understood. My Mother pulled the "vanishing" stunt right after the eldest was born... They just HAD to go away for the weekend, yet she'd PROMISED to help for a few days. I've had more than one "I'll help you..", "I never said that" (about a promise or an ignorant comment)... conversation too.

I am with Janet blogs are for the writer. I know some people have "rules" for what to post on theres... on mine... you get what you find.