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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

I'm BACK!!!!!

Woo Hoo! And it feels sooooo good!

Never, never again will I play the frugal understanding wife! Last week when J called from Best Buy to let me know that we could pay $70 for a new dsl modem or order one from Ebay for a fraction of the cost, I made a HUGE mistake telling him to order one from Ebay. Yes, we found one where the auction was ending within hours... Yes, we won the bid on it... Yes, we had a great seller who sent it right away on Friday.... BUT it was still TOO LONG! Plus, we were even gone for the weekend!!!

I hated.. HATED... not being able to be on-line!!! It's not even like I had tons of time to go on it either... it was just the fact that I couldn't sit down at the computer and connect if I wanted to.

But the wait is over... the new modem is installed... and nothing is going to keep me from being on-line again. Next time... we spend the $$$$ and get it down right away!

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